The Hitching Post is a family-run business founded in 1975.

We are a Quality Seeds Ltd dealer. We carry alfalfa, timothy grass seed, etc. for both rural and urban applications.

What We Do

At the Hitching Post in St. Marys, Ontario, we provide our local residents and farmers with many services and products.

First, we serve as a major feed supplier for dairy farms. We are recognized as a Dairy Center of Excellence: our Dairy Nutrition Advisor (DNA) on staff is owner Steve Hutton. We also supply feed to other livestock including pets, sheep, horse, goat, turkey, ducks, and more.

Second, we supply expertise and products on the topic of fertilizer and dry chemicals for your landscaping or agriculture interests.

Third, we carry major product lines for softener salt and provide a delivery program in the fall that serves our local St. Marys residents. Please contact us for further details.

In addition to all of these everyday services, we also serve as a retail store for an array of products including workwear, garden utilities, flour, pool and spa products, and more.